Monday, June 9, 2008

Trenton Giveaway

SWS Organization and True Servant Worship and Praise Church Trenton Community Giveaway

May 17, 2008

SWS Organization and True Servant Worship and Praise Church served over 466 individuals in the Trenton community with food, clothing, baby supples, and other items!!!
Photographs from the Event:

(one of the many tables prepared with items for the community)

(a glimpse of the families that stretched down the street)

(SWS and True Servant Worship and Praise Church Volunteers)

How We Help...

This is a sampling of some of the ways we provide for and meet the needs of our community:
    • Food Drive- Each week, at least three families in our community receive a week's supply of groceries and toiletries. These include items like hot and cold cereal, canned goods, bread, pasta, condiments, rice, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc. This helps us ensure that children in our community have the basic food needs met, and more times a hot meal before bed.

    • Clothing Drive- The clothing drive is an ongoing endeavor that enables us to help some families in the community with much needed clothing for their families; for school, casual wear or for an interview. We also have a monthly giveaway in the community that ranges from clothes to household items that needy members of the community can take what they need for free.

    • Back to School Drive- Held once a year, the back-to-school drive is designed to help school-aged-children between kindergarten and college. This drive enables us to equip them with the basics and more. We supply notebooks, pencils, pens, dictionaries, calculators, backpacks, highlighters, scissors, and more.

    • Baby Subbplies Drive- The baby drive enables us to help expectant and new mothers with items for their pregnancy, and their new bundle of joy. We assist with baby food, formuly, diapers, baby cereal, baby furniture, etc.

    • Furniture Distribution- Furniture is a big ticket item that many in the community cannot affort. Through our donor network we locate the furniture item needed, and match individuals or families with donors. This includes beds, couches and sofas, dining sets and dressers.

    • Prom Gown Getaway- Each year at prom time we select two graduating seniors whose gowns are custom made by a seamstress/designer for free. These lucky students also have a chance to input ideas into the design process. This helps to relieve parents of some of the high costs associated at prom.

    • Thanksgiving Baskets- These baskets provide some families with more access to food during the holiday season of thanksgiving. We supply baskets that would allow them to create complete holiday meals.

    • Christmas Drive- In the season of giving and sharing, less fortunate children and families in our community receive new gifts and toys from our donors. These children may never get a gift otherwise. At this time, we also create an opportunity for children in our donor families to volunteer in the distribution of gifts.